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Our church is operated through the tithes and offerings of its members.  Each service our church family is given an opportunity to give back to God in support of the ministry.  This is not a time of pressured involvement rather a cheerful celebration of HIS goodness to us.


We believe giving the tithe (the first tenth of income) declares that God comes first.  It recognizes His blessing and sovereign ownership of everything. It expresses faith and trust in God in every matter in life. In fact, we teach that persons are managers of God’s resources and should seek God’s guidance on how to manage not just the tithe we give, but also the remaining 90 percent of our income.


Additionally, our pastor is entirely supported by a weekly financial love offering given by the members to him for the support of him and his family.  All offerings are a matter of free-will giving by the members and our guests need not feel obligated to give.


Both online and mobile giving options are available for your convenience at all times by clicking button below:

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