Dearest GMBC,
Since we will not be able to see each other as we are accustomed, I will use this method to keep you engaged and informed during this season of COVID-19. I am excited about the challenges and opportunity for ministry among GMBC. We have been preparing for moments like this for over 17 years, and we’re going to discover what we are truly all about and made of. I have been in constant meetings and conference calls, so that I can stay as informed as possible to share this real time information with


I want us to continue to show the love that GMBC is known for during these most challenging times. We must minister to our most vulnerable population. My definition of the most vulnerable population is based on those who fall within this category according to the CDC regarding COVID-19. Those individuals include people over 60 and/or those with compromised immune systems. If ANYONE who is a part of GMBC needs someone to go shopping for you, please be certain to communicate your needs and we will have volunteers to assist you with your list. When necessary, we may also include our Dec. James Davis Transportation Ministry to execute this service. I also want everyone to check on each other at least weekly. Our Deacons are the first line of defense and then the rest of us have parts to play.

GMBC, we are prepared for ministry so we are not scrambling. Scrambling is what happens when you are not prepared when things happen, adjusting is what happens when unanticipated things occur and you adjust accordingly. I will give you two examples of our preparedness:


  1.  Our Social Media Ministry has been in place for at  least two years now, it’s not perfect, but we’re on our way.

  2.  We instituted various electronic ways for giving our tithes and offerings and we are on the verge of adding at least twomore options.

  3.  Since August, I have been reevaluating whether or not to delete our radio presence and I recently asked our IT Bro. John Davis to run the numbers to verify if it’s worth it. Guess what? I think it’s clear to say not only is it worth staying on, but that GMBC’s presence outside of our four walls is extremely strong.

Our adjustments during this COVID-19 period, will improve our experience and skills going forward. We had more tools that we were

never using to full capacity, but now we are forced to learn all that we’ve had and how to creatively implement them to their fullness. I can’t wait to see what GMBC will become after this. For over 17 years, we have been preparing for 1 st Class Ministry and God has sent COVID-19 to expand our classroom and ministry field. Stay encouraged, because I AM EXCITED ABOUT THE WONDERFUL SERMONS AND MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES THAT GMBC will experience.

I ask that you please continue to check your email, our social media pages as we will continue to keep you informed through these media platforms. We have also included Zoom as a means for meetings, Bible study and Sunday school. We are stilling familiarizing ourselves with our new platforms, and once we have them learned we will began using them. Please stay safe and connected.

Also, please remember that although the building is closed our commitment and love for God and GMBC remains alive and open. I have never been a begging Pastor and the thought of closing our doors did test my faith, because I thought if we’re not in the building they might not give. After a week, I realized that one, I can trust God to keep us even when the doors are open and no one can come. Two, I can trust that your willingness to be obedient to God with your tithes and offerings and your love and support for our GMBC ministry will continue even though I can’t see you giving. I want to encourage you to use our electronic methods and if you are dropping off your tithes and offerings, that you write checks or money orders. We want to limit the amount of cash, because under these circumstances it’s harder to track and give accurate credit. Again, you can use Bill pay (from your checking account),
Givelify, and soon Cash App and Text-2-Give. One last thing, I wanted to remind you that you can watch us online and listen to us on the radio.




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